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About us

Sprint S.A. has been a leading IT system integrator since 1988.

Many years of experience, qualified and professional staff and a well-developed technical base enabled us to work out an offer profile that fully satisfies the needs of the market.

Our assets are wide experience, a solid economic base and a long reference list.

Experienced, trained and dynamic staff members are ready to meet the needs of the most demanding and sophisticated customers.

Sprint S.A. Group

The management of Sprint Spółka Akcyjna (Joint Stock Company) decided that on the 31st of December 2010 it was transformed, on the grounds of the court’s adjudication, from the limited liability company into joint stock company.

The Sprint S.A. Group currently includes the following companies:

Sprint S.A.

ICT Systems, Smart City, IT Integration, Intelligent Transport Systems, Security, Applications, ICT Networks

CEL-R Ltd. with its registered office in Olsztyn

Agent of ITI Neovision SA

Telekom Services S.A. with its registered office in Gdańsk

The company Telekom Services S.A. was established in February 2011. It currently employs approx. 500 people. Telekom’s business consists in the provision of telecommunications services, mainly with regard o copper network maintenance.

Internet Service Ltd.

Internet Service provides services with regard to the development of specialist software as well as services for telecommunications operators.


The main aim of our activity is to obtain our customers’ satisfaction. We have been achieving our aim for many years already offering products and services of the highest quality. We guarantee execution at the highest level which is proved by ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001, ISO 14001 certified by Department of Management and Quality Systems, AQAP 2110 certificate, NATO  AQAP 2210 certificate and Internal Compliance Program (ICP) and Turnover Management System (TMS), certified by Polish Centre for Testing and Certification.

We were one of the few to have been granted the FIRST DEGREE INDUSTRIAL SAFETY CERTIFICATE, issued by the Internal Security Agency, confirming full capacity of ensuring the protection of confidential information with the SECRECY clause. We are fully capable of protecting European Union and North Atlantic Treaty Organization confidential information.

Sprint S.A. has been granted a concession for providing property protection services by the Minister of Home Affairs and Administration. The services are executed in the form of technical protection. Our engineers and technicians are fully licensed in the field and their qualifications are confirmed by adequate certificates. The Department of Industrial Protection System has awarded Sprint Ltd a declaration to take part in a tender for NATO-NC3A Agency security.