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Sprint Data Center

The Sprint Data Center is one the most advanced centers in Poland for data storage and processing, created in response to the growing demands of the market related to information availability and security.

Today’s business world is based on access to information. Quality, certainty and speed of data exchange and processing have become some of the key elements allowing businesses to develop and compete. The security of data storage and exchange systems has become one of the priorities in management. Loss of data or unauthorized access to data may lead to large financial losses and to the business losing customers’ trust and market position.
The key to ensure secure, quick and continual system operation is to select suitable technical infrastructure (apart from computers this also includes accessories, power supply systems, air-conditioning systems and firefighting systems). Ensuring professional care and protection requires significant financial expenses and actions which for many companies appear too extensive or too distant from their business profile.
This problem can be solved by using the comprehensive offering provided by a professional Data Center, such as the Sprint Data Center.

List of services

Collocation – service comprising supervision over entrusted servers which continue to be owned by the customer. On its part, Sprint ensures professionally prepared space at the Data Center, in compliance with the most up-to-date technologies and requirements and an Internet connection with a specific bit rate, as well as guarantees fault-free operation, uninterrupted power supply and meeting high security standards (usually higher than those at the customer’s location).
Server lease – the service consists in exclusive lease of a server. This makes it possible to fully utilize the capacities of the selected device, as well as increases flexibility and scalability for the customer; the latter can use the server and determine the manner in which it is used. If infrastructure needs to be expanded, the customer does not have to bear high one-time costs to purchase a new server.
As part of the service, we ensure our customers unlimited remote access to and control of the server, with full user rights, authorization to make all changes to its configuration and possibility of installing any software.
Hosting – possibility of purchasing specific disk space on one of the servers located at the Sprint Data Center (shared space). As part of the service we ensure space for database, mail and applications. Full redundancy of resources, automatic backup, antivirus protection, anti-spam and emergency power supply enable us to guarantee correct and uninterrupted operation of the servers made available as well as full security of the data stored on them.
Software as a service (Saas) – this service consists in making available via Internet an application located on Sprint Data Center servers. This solution makes it possible to spread the cost over time (by means of a subscription fee), so that software ceases to be a large expense at the moment of purchase. This is an excellent way to reduce the costs of operating activities and to obtain access to functionality unavailable in the case of conventional licensing.
Customized services – Sprint Data Center, as one of the few operators on the Polish market, offers the option of configuring the services selected by the Customer in accordance with the latter’s specific and individual needs. The services can be adapted to specific requirements, and if it is necessary, an offer can be prepared that exceeds the range of services currently offered: we keep developing and we are open to signals coming from the market.


In terms of the technical solutions applied and of the security procedures implemented, data security at Sprint Data Center is usually at a much higher level than at the customer’s location. In other words, placing data on SDC servers may prove safer than storing them in one’s own computer at the office. The entire SDC staff has suitable training, and access and transmission are constantly monitored, in order to obtain the highest level of data security. Compliance with the highest security standards is confirmed by the first degree industrial security clearance (Poland, EU and NATO) obtained by Sprint, enabling the storage and processing of non-public data with the “secret” and “confidential” clause, provided that suitable procedures are adhered to.


Miroslaw Mikolajczyk

Data Center Department Director

tel. +48 89 522 11 09

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